Success stories from happy owners of our Croatian Classics cookbook

Since Croatian Classics was released in October 2021, we received numerous emails from our happy readers. They send us photos of the dishes they successfully cooked. We especially love hearing their stories about why they chose a particular food and how recipes reminds them of their heritage. 

Here are some testimonials from our readers. 

Sanja from California cooked mlinci because she can't find them in a shop

Sanja told me she would use tortillas because mlinci were impossible to get in the US. Now, she makes them at home. We are so proud of you, Sanja!

"Made mlinci today using my new cookbook. Turned out fabulous! Now what to try next?"

Croatian Classics cookbook review
Teri made her first sarma and it was a success.
After three years living in Croatia, this is her first sarma. Bravo Teri!

"3 years in Croatia and today made my first sarma! Thanks Andrea for the great recipe and easy to follow instructions! Probably not perfect, but was delish! Vrlo Ukusno!"
Croatian Classics cookbook review
Ana from Canada made semolina dumplings to recreate her childhood flavours.
Here is what Ana says...

"I had some homemade chicken soup stock in the freezer, so I decided to take it out and make Andrea's noklice od griza (semolina dumplings). I’m in Canada, and it’s sold here as Cream of Wheat. I followed the recipe as written, and it tasted EXACTLY like how I remember as a kid. Could not be easier. Another very easy, make again dish.
Croatian Classics cookbook review
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Stay sweet!