Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook

Croatian Desserts cookbook

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Croatian Desserts: 50 authentic recipes to make at home

Best-selling cookbook of Croatian sweets in English.

This glossy edition features 50 step-by-step recipes and over 500 full color images. 

The recipes feature ingredients expressed both in cups and grams so you can skip any conversions and dive into baking. 

The cookbook is a soft cover with wide inside flaps: not too heavy to handle but sturdy enough to hold its own on the kitchen counter.

Don't skip the engaging stories which introduce each dessert. It is a sweet travel all across Croatia, covering every region, from Dalmatia, Istria to the continental Croatia.

Here is what's inside Croatian Desserts cookbook:

50 desserts from all regions of Croatia: Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Zagreb County, Zagorje and Medjimurje.

6 chapters that reflect occasions, such as Lazy morning, Sunday sweets, Special occasions, Cakes, Christmas sweets and Easter sweets. 

Authentic recipes passed down from the women in my family or close friends. 

Each recipe lists ingredients in both metric and American (Imperial) measures: grams and cups/tbsp. 

Suggestions on how to substitute Croatian ingredients that may be hard to find outside the country.

Engaging culinary stories for each dessert, including the pronunciation guide. 

Check out the recipe for Potica (Povitica) - Croatian Walnut and Poppyseed Roll.

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Dorothy McClellan
Tried and tested recipes! American measurements!

I have been making makovnjaca for years and was never quite satisfied with my multiple recipes for the dough. Andrea has answered my prayers! Her recipe is PERFECT! We have a list of others we are planning over the holidays. You can have total confidence in everything that comes out of Andrea's kitchen.

Croatian baking book

Wow finally found a place where I could buy a croatian baking book in english from Croatia Honestly! The lady Andrea is so lovely, always updating me with the delivery, lovely person to deal with.

Therese Dombrowski
Thank you so much for what you do

I have already used two of your recipes. My brother came in from California to Chicago and we always have to have lamb. I tried your Slow Roast Lamb instead of my usual Roast Leg of Lamb and everyone said this is the only way I can make lamb again. I also tried your Croatian Honestly Pogacha. I am usually a sourdough bread maker but your Pogacha recipe was so easy to follow and was so delicious.
As I stated in my previous comments I am so grateful to you for putting all of these very special recipes together for people like me who did not get their great grandmother and grandmothers recipes in writing before they passed away. These family traditions are so important and because of you I am able to share them with my family and they will be able to continue the traditions.

Joseph Meyer
Absolutely THE BEST

I’ve been waiting for years for a book like this. It had all the desert recipes that my mother and grandmother made. The instructions and pictures are detailed and easy to follow. Truly amazing and SO APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!!!

Rebecca Glaessner
Beautiful and homely

This cookbook is fabulous and old fashioned with deep knowledge and clear instructions for every recipe. I love the picture-style contents pages for easy reference for each recipe in the book