Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook
Croatian Desserts cookbook

Croatian Desserts cookbook

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Croatian Desserts: 50 authentic recipes to make at home

Best-selling cookbook of Croatian sweets in English.

This glossy edition features 50 step-by-step recipes and over 500 full color images. 

The recipes feature ingredients expressed both in cups and grams so you can skip any conversions and dive into baking. 

The cookbook is a soft cover with wide inside flaps: not too heavy to handle but sturdy enough to hold its own on the kitchen counter.

Don't skip the engaging stories which introduce each dessert. It is a sweet travel all across Croatia, covering every region, from Dalmatia, Istria to the continental Croatia.

Here is what's inside Croatian Desserts cookbook:

50 desserts from all regions of Croatia: Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Zagreb County, Zagorje and Medjimurje.

6 chapters that reflect occasions, such as Lazy morning, Sunday sweets, Special occasions, Cakes, Christmas sweets and Easter sweets. 

Authentic recipes passed down from the women in my family or close friends. 

Each recipe lists ingredients in both metric and American (Imperial) measures: grams and cups/tbsp. 

Suggestions on how to substitute Croatian ingredients that may be hard to find outside the country.

Engaging culinary stories for each dessert, including the pronunciation guide. 

Check out the recipe for Potica (Povitica) - Croatian Walnut and Poppyseed Roll.

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Authentic Desserts

Love having the recipes for these favourite desserts! Can't wait to try and make them!

Branka Tominac

The Book is awsome i gave them to a family members that cannot read Craoatian

Excellent book

We live in Australia
I purchased this book with the savoury book for my son who misses his Babas cooking especially the deserts
This book is perfect it has all the favourites in it and the recipes are easy to follow.
Well done Andrea and hope you have book no 3 coming up in the future

Greetings from Oz!

Such a great keepsake I will
pass I it onto my daughter one day even though i have strict dietary requirements these recipies evoke memories from my childhood growing up & going to Croatian celebrations were the torte & kolači are the centrepiece of each celebration 🇦🇺👍🦋🌍

Nick Black
Wonderful Book

Mouth watering recipes, great photos, good explanations and warm story can see Andrea etc by the way on some Royal Croatian Tour you tube videos.

I know Croatian cooks well and even the most experienced eagerly read the book saying "ah my baka made mum did that.."

Croatian food is absolutely wonderful. Croatian desserts.. you are in for a treat!

The sister book Croatian Classics is just as good.

Books that are made of sunshine, warmth, and welcome.

Idamo Jesti! Gosba!!!